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Website Designing for Beginners

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Website Designing for Beginners

A design represents something—the history dates back to ancient and classical times. Since the dawn of humanity, the purpose of designing has been simple: to communicate irrespective of the language. As we entered the new age, communication has become different. In this age of technology, the umbrella of designing has expanded rapidly.

A good design means good communication with the one who is observing it. Website designing is simply a result of changing technology; the core purpose is the same. Website design is for creative individuals, whereas website development is for technical individuals. This article aims to resolve any query regarding web designing.


What are graphic designing and its relation with web designing?


Since the inception of the digital era, we have always wanted to make communication between us and machines more creative and artistic. Graphic designing is simply a result of changing technology. Graphic design is a field that uses visual elements to represent a solution to a problem. So who is a graphic designer? A graphic designer creates visual elements to communicate effectively and creatively. Examples of graphic designing include Logo design, Package design, Mobile app design, Website design, and much more.

Graphic design is a very vast field that has many branches. Website design is a subset of graphics designing.

What is Website Designing?


You must be wondering what website designing is? But before this, let’s answer what a website is? A website is simply a group of web pages falling under a unique name. A webpage is a document on the internet having content. So anyone designing these web pages is called a website designer, and the overall process is called website designing. It is also called web designing.

Web design is the overall process of designing the arrangement of content online. A good website design fulfills its function by conveying the message effectively intended for a particular audience.

We can divide web designing into the following branches:

  • User interface design: Whether creating a custom website design or a generic one, web designers work on the front user interface. The user interface is a layout on which users interact with the website. The more user-friendly your website becomes, the better the interaction is with users.
  • User experience design: In simple terms, a user experience means how users feel when interacting with your website. To know more about design and development.

Tools for website design

There are a ton of tools for website designing. It ultimately depends on your usability and the scope of the project. Generally, a single software can get your job done. The most prominent tools/softwares are:

  • Adobe Xd

Used for UX/UI designing and prototyping.

  • Sketch

It’s a vector graphics editor for the mac operating system.

  • Figma

A web-based user interface designing tool.

  • Adobe Photoshop

Designers use it for Image editing, graphic designing, and digital art creation. Adobe Photoshop is an advanced design tool, so you need some training to master it. Do not worry. There are numerous free tutorials you can find on YouTube.

  • Other tools

Balsamiq, Canva, and Invision are other prominent design tools used while designing a website.

Future and scope of website design

The technological revolution has changed how we work and communicate with each other. And after the pandemic(covid-19), we understood how it could assist us in our problems. Since website designing also evolved with shifting technology, it can be safe to say that website or custom website designing is future-proof.


But we must also understand that we also need to be dynamic in our understanding of digital technology. However, many platforms can do custom website design and are accessible. If you are a talented website designer, your future is bright. Changing technology also introduced new website design trends.

Technology has made learning easier for an individual. One can quickly master this skill set if one is interested.

What is Custom website designing

Any website design that does not follow any pattern or template falls under the banner of custom website designing. Many custom website design agencies offer tailor-made solutions to their customers. Such agencies seek talented individuals who have a knack for website designing. According to Researchgate, 94% of the audience’s first impressions are impacted by visuals and design.

When opting for custom website designing, statistics play a vital role. UX/UI research helps you understand your target audience and provide solutions to their needs through design and experience. Numerous tools can help you throughout your website design and development journey. Custom website design agencies can help you make your website designs more innovative and user-friendly.

Creative Website Studio and website design

Creative website studios is a customer-driven, innovation-oriented, and technology-focused company. Creative website studios work hard to implement the latest technology present in the market. Creative website studios focus on client satisfaction when it comes to website designing. Our portfolio and testimonial talk about our hard work and dedication. Creative website studios also provide custom website development, apart from custom website design. To know more about website development, visit our blog.

How to become a website designer?

Growth in technology resulted in many opportunities and development in graphics and website designing. There are tons of website designing courses to help you land your dream job. Many certifications make you go from beginner to pro in a decent time frame. Apart from that, you can visit the following website for your design inspiration:

  • Behance – for showcasing and finding creative work
  • Awwwards – It promotes the best website design.
  • Dribbble – A community for designers, enhancing their skills and finding a job as well.

CSS Nectar, Siteinspire, Designspiration, and Pinterest are other platforms for design inspiration.

Salary of a website designer

As per payscale, the mean salary of a website designer in the USA is 52,296 USD/year. It will help if you have a portfolio that shows your creativity and intelligence in this field.


No matter how good your product is, a bad design makes people lose interest and hence interaction causing loss of potential customers. The same goes for a poor website design. Throughout your design lifecycle of a website, you as a designer or custom website designing company must ensure that you follow the latest visual design trends. One must also make sure that they are correctly using technology.

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